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Sometimes, all you need is a simple script, without dealing with the server setup.

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Our product

You write your code

Write or upload your scripts from your browser, with our easy-to-use graphical interface.


Then, we run it

We'll run the scripts for you, and present the results in our interface, whenever you want.


Use cases

For data extraction

For routine maintenance

For scraping tasks

For static pages

For API transformation

For specific computation

For process automation

For chatbots

And many more ...

Why Jotcode


With Jotcode, there is no need for a complex server setup. Upload your code, run it, and iterate. Don’t lose time on administrative tasks, such as server installation, upgrade or maintenance.


Since you have nothing to configure, there is no risk of a mistake. Jotcode comes secure by default. All our code runs in a very restricted and protected environment that you can only call.


If you have a sudden increase in load or want to run heavier scripts, don’t worry. We can do that for you. There is no need for a server upgrade. Just tell us what kind of execution environment you need.


Do you need a particular setup or a particular set of packages? Unleash the power of JavaScript scripts and ecosystem, npm packages, and many more using dedicated script environments.

How many scripts do you want to run

Each user is unique. You may be a developer, writing dozens of scripts, or need one or two. You'll pay depending on the number of scripts you want to run.

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100 000
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Allows running 100 000 scripts per month
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